About Us

Founded and created by Desiree Melendez. Rack and Sack is an online shop that uniquely specializes in both modern and vintage jewelry and accessories. Our selection is made for the chic and modern fashionista with a love for style. The entire collection is carefully selected based on timelessness, quality, and modern aesthetics. 

Message from Desiree.

How it all started: 

It wasn't until I relocated from the east coast to Los Angeles that I realized what a rarely discovered treasure vintage is. Having a mass variety of collectors and access to such a unique vintage market at my fingertips made me realize that I need to spread the love. Los Angeles is an amazing resource for vintage, so it would simply be unfair to keep the unlocked secret of stylists and starlets all to myself. The dreaded task of searching through the trenches to find a diamond in the rough is taken care of by yours truly. With a distinct eye for style and selection, rest assured you will be supplied with the best statement pieces around. Each piece of the vintage collection can easily blend with your modern day wardrobe. That’s what makes us so special, the ability to effortlessly fuse vintage with modern. New handpicked items are available every month. Rack and Sack makes it easy by delivering the goods throughout most major countries at just the click of a button.  

For our trendy fashionistas, we added modern jewelry finds into the mix. Blending classic styles with modern pieces is what we do best. Even our modern accessories are hand picked with love by going through local talent and vendors to get you unique, quality pieces. Turning a plain outfit into a noteworthy look can be easily accomplished with the right accessory. Looking to add life to your basic jeans and tee or change looks without spending a fortune on a new wardrobe? There's nothing better than statement jewelry to help you stand out in a crowd and add variety to your closet. Show off these unique costume pieces by pairing them with a little black dress or your favorite trend. And go ahead we encourage it, spread the love and brag to your friends! 

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